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2015-01-04/05 Is Bayern Munich is a Jewish Club?


Is the Bayern Munich a Jewish club?

In 2003 a high ranking Bayern official was asked to identify Kurt Landauer.

He replied arrogantly that Landauer was the President of the club during the Second World War.

In fact Landauer was removed as club President before the war in a purge carried out by the Nazis to rid the club of its Jewish members. He returned to lead the revival of Bayern after the war.

Schikeria Munich take pride in the role they played in forcing the club to recognize the place Landauer holds in it's history.

In the "after film" discussion Simon Muller, one of the Schikeria leaders cleared up the stand the group hold regarding Landauer.

They admired the way he opened up the club to members of all race, creed and religion. He brought managers from Hungary, Scotland and England that kept Munich at the top of world football trends.

Muller made clear that Schikeria, like Bayern of old, was a group open to all race, creed and religion

The structure of the group is based on its work ethic and commitment to support the team.

They are Bayern's guarantee of 400 "atmosphere generators" in every place they play.

The key to Bayern's Jewish identity lay in the hands of a tall man in our audience

Andreas Witter intense research about the Jewish nature of Bayern Munich is exhibited in the magnificent museum in the Allianz Arena.

The museum manager's research explains,

"Although the proportion of Jewish members at FC Bayern was no higher than in the regular population, the Nazis branded FC Bayern as "the Jewish club. The term was coined to express National Socialist hate-filled and inhuman ideology from 1933, continuing on after all its Jewish members had been exclude. "

Two of the club's founding fathers were Jewish, there were important Jewish players and of course Kurt Landauer was the President of the club before and after the War.

In the exhibit, Witter uncovers the instruction book the Nazi's used to hound and persecute and

Jews as well the forms members had to fill out which would differentiate between religions.

Bayern Munich's archive provided documentation from its darkest hour.

In Liga Terezin we examine football in the Holocaust. The deeper we dig the more imagery we discover of the Holocaust in football.

Bayern Munich Museum

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Schikeria fans club

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