Film Makers

Michael Schwartz

Director, Script

1987 to present CNN Jerusalem producer.

"Liga Terezin", 2011. Director and Script : Holocaust, Football and Anti-Semitism.

Uri Buzaglo

Executive Producer


Avi Kanner

Director, Camera

2002 - 2012: Cameraman of CNN Israel.

"Grandpa Leon had gone and no one knows where", 2009. Director, Cameraman and Editor: n Israeli painter who left Israel and is living in Amsterdam. The movie was screened at the IDFA festival.

"Pizza in Auschwitz", 2008 (Cameraman): Accompanying a Holocaust survivor with his children to the places of his childhood.

"Bikurim", 2000: Short film. A final project in "Film & Television Hadassah College, Jerusalem" wining the first prize.

"Liga Terezin", 2011. Director and Cameraman: Holocaust, Football and Anti-Semitism.

Rubi Gat


For 16 years up to 2010 - the chief picture editor at the BBC Middle East bureau in Jerusalem. Producer, Director and editor of short video clips for promotion on You Tube and various Internet sites.

"Yalta's Beit Midrash" , 2011– A Video Art inspired by a Talmudic legend.

"Liga Terezin", 2011.

Oded Breda

Beit Theresienstadt director 2009-2015

Research, LIGA TEREZIN project manager

Beit Theresienstadt (also: Beit Terezin) was established on Givat Haim Ihud, Israel in 1975 as a non-profit organization in

memory of the Jewish Martyrs of Ghetto Theresienstadt. The campus includes a museum, art exhibition halls, library, educational center, and archives holding thousands of original artifacts from the Ghetto. The archive also holds an index of the 162,000 Jews from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and other European countries, who were imprisoned in the Ghetto.

It acts as a bridge connecting the victims, survivors and future generations and houses a unique collection of art work created in the Ghetto, where cultural activity was the key to keeping one's dignity in spite of the inhuman conditions. The Museum was accredited by the government of Israel in 2011

Oded Breda with the ball, at the yard of Dresden Barracks

Michael Schwartz, Avi Kanner - Terezin, Czech Republic - Dresden Barracks, February 2011

Uri with Fernandez, March 2012