Special thanks to Ghetto Theresienstadt survivors: Milos Dobry, Toman Brod, Peter Erben, Salle Fischermann

Directed by: Mike Schwartz & Avi Kanner

Producer: Mike Schwartz & Beit Theresienstadt

Camera: Avi Kanner

Editor: Rubi Gat

Executive producer,Sound: Uri Buzaglo

Script: Mike Schwartz

2nd Cameraman: Asi Aivas

2nd Editor: Raviv Scharf

Narration: Perry N. – Voice Crafters

Special support by: Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

Dr. Jan Munk - Terezin Memorial , Czech Republic

Dr. Margalit Shlain - Historian, Beit Terezin, Israel

Government of Israel - Ministry of Senior Citizens

Yad Vashem

Jewish Museum Amsterdam

Jewish Museum Prague

Museum of Jewish Heritage, NY

Simon Kuper

Karl Margry

Sima Shachar

Amnon Pery

National Film Archive Prague

National Film Archive (NFA), Warsaw

City of Terezin

Guy Raz

Ruth Morris

Udi Adler

Ruth Bobek

Ajax Football Club


The Royal Duch Football Association

DFB - German Football Association

Sparta Prague Football Club

Moshe Cohen

Baruch Kanner

Music: Viktor Ullman, Gideon Klein (Theresienstadt inmates, murdered in Auschwitz)

In memory of:

Pavel Breda (1924-1945)

Moshe Breda (1923-2013)